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"it's such a pleasure to welcome a real sculptor who has a deft, playful touch, as well as an over-active imagination." Brian McAvera

   SCULPTURE magazine, July/August 2009, published by The International Sculpture Center, New Jersey, USA





Wednesday 30 June 2010




Steady hand: Kenya Lord, six, adds a sugar cube to sculptor Brendan Jamison's model of the Tate Modern at the NEO Bank-side Pavilion in London Picture: PA


ATTEWILL, FRED. "Sculptor Brendan Jamison's model of the

Tate Modern at the NEO Bankside Pavilion in London",

METRO, London, Wednesday 30 June 2010, p 27




Friday 23 October 2009

Meet the sugar lump artist who is the 21st century's first Cubist master

The Tate (& Lyle) Gallery


Brendan Jamison with Sugarcube Sculpture


Sugar Walk, a model of Belfast apartment block made entirely from sugar


By Miles Erwin


WHILE most sculptors create masterpieces using clay, stone or marble, Brendan Jamison uses a sweet alternative... sugar lumps.

   The 29-year-old's largest design stands 2.7m (9ft) high and was put together over two months using 19,342 cubes.

   While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, Jamison's models have been exhibited around the world and commissions are pouring in.

   The latest was for a scale model of a block of apartments near his home in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter. The finished product contained 11,256 cubes.

   The fine arts graduate, who sells some of his larger pieces for up to £7,000, said he always had a vivid imagination.

   'I spent the majority of my childhoodbuilding Lego up in my bedroom,always attempting to capture whatever new thought I conjured up - be it a spaceship, skyscraper or robot,' he said. 'The use of sugar as a building block allows for immense freedom through cutting and carving the sugar crystals.

   'The brick is also organic and the sugar crystals sparkle beautifully in the light.'

   To hold the blocks together Jamison uses a special glue which is absorbed into the sugar. 'The process involves considerable patience and intense concentration,' he added.

Life is sweet: Brendan Jamison gazes up at his tallest tower. He is also proud of sugar walk (left) - a model of an apartment block in Belfast which he had patiently glued together.


ERWIN, MILES. "Artist Makes Sweet Masterpieces out of sugar - Tate (& Lyle) Gallery", METRO, London, Friday 23 October 2009, p 33



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