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"it's such a pleasure to welcome a real sculptor who has a deft, playful touch, as well as an over-active imagination." Brian McAvera

   SCULPTURE magazine, July/August 2009, published by The International Sculpture Center, New Jersey, USA




Tuesday 18 January 2011


by Ian Whitbread

Teams of sculptors from all over the world gathered in London last weekend to compete with

chainsaws and chisels to turn giant blocks of ice into works of art.

Ice isn't the only uncoventional material that has been used by artists....


Toilet Rolls

The French artist Anastasia Elias creates amazing miniature scenes inside toilet rolls. She uses  tweezers and glue to stick her tiny people and animals into the rolls.


Gary LeMaster is an American whose incredible carved creations are made from turkey, chicken, ostrich and emu eggs. He empties the eggs and carves sections of shell to create delicate spirals, intricate Chinese dragons, even a portrait of the Beatles.



In 2009 a Singaporean chef created an edible racing car made entirely of bread. The life-sized sculpture used a thousand loaves of various types, sizes and flavours.


Sugar Cubes

The young Irish artist Brendan Jamison recreates architectural structures using sugar cubes, from a miniature replica of Tate Modern to towering sugar turrets.



WHITBREAD, IAN. "Young Times: Sugar Cubes", The Times - T2 supplement, London,

Tuesday 18 January 2011, p 21



Monday 10 November 2008  


Artist’s Sugar Cube Scale Model takes 11,000 lumps

by James Harding  

Belfast: An artist from Northern Ireland has revealed a unique collection of sculptures made

entirely from sugar cubes. Brendan Jamison, 29, can take up to two months to create each

model. He recently crafted a 1:100 scale model of new apartments planned for the city’s

Cathedral Quarter. Sugar Walk, created for Bradkeel Developments, contained 11,256 cubes.

“I enjoyed the challenge of the Sugar Walk project, especially given that the site’s location is

only 100 metres from my studio,” he said. Mr Jamison’s largest design stands at 9ft tall and

was put together using 19,342 cubes.


HARDING, JAMES. “Artist’s Sugar Cube Scale Model takes 11,000 lumps”, The Times, Monday 10 November 2008, p. 18 


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