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Thursday 14 January 2016


Ciaran Magill at the opening of his 'Seductive Landscapes' exhibition at Flowerfield Arts Centre

Eerie Landscapes Animate Flowerfield


Spanning all three galleries at the Georgian mansion house of Flowerfield Arts Centre, 'Seductive Landscapes' is the latest solo exhibition by Ciaran Magill (37). Hailing from Kilkeel in the Mourne Mountains, he is renowned for his exuberant and spooky depictions of the natural world. The show is now open to the public and continues until Wednesday 27 January 2016.


Magill takes pleasure in a rich colour palette of vibrant strokes which animate the canvas and contrasts with the darker conceptual elements. Employing multi-layering effects, he creates a magical sense of depth and tension. This collection of works has been created over the past 5 years and is curated by Magill's art dealer and life-time friend, Brendan Jamison, a member of the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts. 


Brendan states that "since Ciaran graduated in 2009, he has developed an award-winning art practice over the past 7 years, and this is the first time he has ever exhibited in the North Coast area. It is his tenth solo show to date and is by far the strongest of his career. The exhibition has a museum quality to it, a testament to the strength of his international aesthetic which proves very popular with art collectors back in Belfast. Visitors will be amazed by his creative vision and the unique rendering of his luscious landscapes. Colours pulsate, forms dissolve, reality becomes dreamlike and we become captivated by his absorbing world of magical sensations. The exhibition is a feast for the senses and the audience will be guaranteed a remarkable journey of hypnotic charm and spectacular beauty."


Ciaran stated "I feel very privileged to have a solo show at such a remarkable venue and offer my sincere gratitude to Deborah Logan for co-ordinating the exhibition and allowing me the opportunity to showcase the paintings to a whole new audience. It was extremely exciting setting up the show this week and I'm still buzzing from the wonderful feedback from all the visitors who have been to see the exhibition so far."


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