History and the Future




Belfast, Northern Ireland


ANCESTRAL MEMORY 1 (2012) Gail Ritchie,

collage on board, 30 x 40 cms

ANCESTRAL MEMORY 2 (2012) Gail Ritchie,

collage on board, 30 x 40 cms

ANCESTRAL MEMORY 3 (2012) Gail Ritchie,

collage on board, 30 x 40 cms

Gail Ritchie presents a new 2012 series entitled 'Ancestral Memories' where she inserts herself into old family photographs to access memories which are not her own but part of Ritchie's genetic makeup. They are traditional collages, which have been scanned, then manipulated digitally.





Belfast, Northern Ireland












ATLANTIS, LONDON (2011) Lydia Holmes

collage on fabriano paper, 180 x 115 cms

Installation view of collages by Lydia Holmes

Queen Street Studios Gallery, Belfast




From a distinctly feminine perspective, Lydia Holmes adopts a playful approach to the tensions between social and political subjects. Inspired by the ‘Futurist landscape’ imagined by members of the Futurist movement (1909-1944) she makes oblique references to the movement’s connections to Fascism. Her work parodies the irrational ideals of the Futurist’s visual language and the Fascist statements in their manifestos. However, she is not lodged in art history, rather Holmes takes an unapologetically contemporary approach that teases with today’s scientific and technological advancements. She invites the viewer into her strange world, populated by hybrid animals and living machines.


















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